About Us

MISSION Educate every child on the critical role of LGBTQ history and people throughout the world – inspiring a reimagining of equality in our classrooms, culture and consciousness

HOW Provide groundbreaking trainings, materials and resources for K-12 schools and community organizations 

IMPACT Save lives and empower all youth – especially at-risk youth of color – through learning and understanding LGBTQ history. When everyone engages with LGBTQ history we will have a safer and more equitable world. 

Debra, a veteran classroom teacher, documentary filmmaker and public speaker, is resolute to challenge the status quo and respond (with a gentle assertion) to the injustices that are entrenched in the realm of education. Debra has produced two documentary films, “Through Gay Eyes” and “Hard Truth, Levity and Hope,” which promote awareness of individuals that are currently ignored, marginalized or excluded in our public schools. These documentary films create leverage in advocating for the advancement of school curricula to include LGBTQ history, and for the equitable treatment of refugee students regarding educational policy and access to resources. Debra is a public speaker, engaging the community on these issues of equity in a variety of local and national venues.

Miriam, a veteran classroom teacher, social justice educator and teacher trainer uses community service and outreach programs to create global awareness and explore complex historical events. Miriam has developed innovative courses and programs focusing on social justice and genocide awareness: the Public Service and Civic Engagement Academy at Lowell High School and the first-ever course on Cambodian history in a public high school in the United States. After traveling to Cambodia in 2007 with the Massachusetts Department of Education, she returned to facilitate a genocide education program for Cambodian teachers, administrators, and government officials. Subsequently, Miriam created an exchange program for Cambodian educators to work alongside her in the classroom every year.

HUE is a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education registered professional development provider